19. - 21. Oktober 2018
11:00 - 20:00 Uhr
StageOne Zürich-Oerlikon



“Are Swiss architects only capable of designing boring buildings?” asked Felix E. Müller, editor-in-chief of the NZZ AM SONNTAG newspaper in his lead article, and went on: “The building boom is plowing up our towns. Unfortunately, the new buildings all look the same. There is no spark of originality, sensuality or experimentation”.

Is that really true? We don’t think so. And so in 2014 we staged our third “architektur” exhibition in the 3,500m² Maag EventHall in Zürich, in part to prove that Felix E. Müller really had got it wrong.

This third exhibition showcasing Swiss architecture took place from October 23 – 26 2014, and included a wide variety of work from over 80 innovative Swiss architects and architectural firms.

The aim of the “architektur” exhibition is to provide a representative image of the many different facets of Swiss national architectural work.

The “architektur” exhibition offers the largest platform for networking and exchange between architects, customers, suppliers and the general public. Hopefully it will become the greatest source of inspiration for architecture in Switzerland.