Becker Umbricht

Henrick Becker, Michael Umbricht


Through reflecting screens, the surroundings of the adjacent track field are projected inwards at three predestined places, superimposing them on the architectural interior. The movements of the passing trains thus combine with the extent of the built Inner Passage and its users.

The installation touches the core of a cinema: the projection of moving images. Unlike in the cinemas, this is implemented by purely optical interventions with natural light. The installation is an archaic reference to the origins of cinema.

Rather coincidentally, the proposed installation also touches the history of filmmaking. In an early premiere in 1895, the Lamunière brothers showed the entrance of a train into a station in «L' Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat». Through the specific location of KOSMOS, the unfiltered projections of the installation also show station entrances of trains, only here and now.