Studio Jelo

Josip Jerković, Marta Lozo

© Studio Jelo


The population of the City of Zurich has been declining and stagnating for decades before its current revival. This disruptive development has resulted with peripheral conditions on rather central locations. One of those is the dead end of the River Sihl highway viaduct. This place without address, secluded from the public, tells a story of a city transformation which never happened, and of a battle where the concept of inclusive urban life won over the destructive idea of technocratic city development.

In order to use the given potential of this place and enliven it, a temporary architectural structure is being proposed. As a connection of the obsolete part of the highway viaduct with the pedestrian paths it would expand the public space and infuse it with multiple narratives. As an object it would put this place on the map of Zurich sharing its monumental strength with all its citizens.