Yann Junod, Bojana Papić 

© Yann Junod, Bojana Papić

You Can Leave Your Shoes On

You Can Leave Your Shoes On situates itself within the contemporary debate on the public/private dichotomy and the question of public space in the European city.
The contemporary planners in “modernised” cities often engage in creation of environments that are based on a desire for security rather than interaction, resulting in over-programmed public spaces with impersonal and sterile character.

The installation emphasises the gap between the architecture of public and private space by inserting domestic, inherently private and intimate objects in the public circulation space of Kosmos. In their unexpected and awkward setting, these mundane and ubiquitous objects become odd and extraordinary. They reveal the contrast between the architecture of the “public” and the architecture of the “private” and encourage the visitors to reflect on the publicity and privacy of the spaces they occupy.